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Drama miniseries based on real events (5x45’ episodes)

Set in Latin America in the 80s, this is the incredible story of one woman’s fight to rescue an entire community living in a massive dumpsite and reintegrate them back into society.

Currently looking for co-production partners.



Animated series (26x11’ episodes)

In the time when animals spoke, the war between felines and canines was raging. Whilst trying to come up with a new form of combat training for cats, a wise owl and a lynx accidentally discover soccer. Now the lynx Lino will have to use all his intelligence and agility to show that a good soccer match can bring everybody together.

Currently looking for co-production partners.


Children’s musical animated feature (90’ movie)

Ana, the beautiful princess and daughter of Don Florentin, loved spending her time with the townsfolk of Viana, and was always rejecting the suitors her father arranged for her. One day, fate led her to Thomas. He was a poor artisan, much loved by the town, who crafted beautiful guitars signed with a heart. The two fell deeply in love. But Ana’s father immediately forbade them from seeing each other. He wanted his daughter to marry the powerful and somber Duke of Aragon, so he challenged his daughter’s suitors to produce a jewel as proof of their nobility. Nevertheless, Thomas and Ana were determined not to give up. With the help of some trusty companions, the generosity of the townspeople and the talent of a mysterious fugitive, they were to use the art of jewelry to reveal to everyone, not only the Duke’s villainous plans, but also that true love is always worth fighting for.

Currently looking for co-production partners.

Hearts of gold
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